In person classes $135 for prepaid, $165 if you pay the day of.

About Us

Traffic Survival School

We were founded in 2000 by a single mother of three. Anastasia(the owner) had been a part-time Traffic Survival School instructor. After some time, she wondered if a different approach to the program would have even more of an influence on drivers.

Anastasia wanted to bring the program alive, instead of a long, boring day to be endured. Traffic Survival School isn’t meant to merely review the basic rules of the road. But only a dynamic leader can persuade drivers to take ownership of the unnecessary risks taken while behind the wheel. By simply believing she could make a difference in changing driving behaviors, the operating philosophy of her company was born. Presenting a high energy, personable & fun class lent itself to better success in opening our driving minds to the idea that maybe we are part of the problem.

A number of us have simply been lucky not to have a serious crash yet. In sharing our combined experiences, we can learn from other’s mistakes. It only takes a moment of carelessness or selfish logic to cause injuries and traffic fatalities. Tragic losses due to preventable automobile collisions.

This goal is the driving force (pun very much intended) behind the company.

Our instructors are selected carefully to bring the MVD ordered Traffic Survival course alive. At the end of the program, instead of merely collecting a certificate, we predict you will “get something” out of the day spent with us.